San Blas

Located in the north-western part of Panama, the area is accessible by flight from Panama City to Playos Chico. San Blas has remained virtually untouched by commercial development. Your adventure could be a stay at an uninhabited island, a fishing tour, snorkelling and diving, a relaxing sunbathe, or a look into the remote cultures of the Indians.


Home to the Cuna Indians, the San Blas Islands stretch along the Atlantic coast of Panama from Colon to Colombia. The Comarca de San Blas is comprised of theSan Blas Archipelago, made up of over 365 islands off the northern coast of Panama, and a strip of land along the Caribbean coast from the province of Colon to Colombia. These Caribbean islands, most of them uninhabited, are like little jewels set in a turquoise background, with white sand beaches, warm crystalline waters and vibrant coral reefs perfect for swimming and snorkelling. These islands are also home to the Kuna, who have been granted self- rule by the Panamanian government. They have maintained their language, customs, and traditions, and have passed a law making them the only people allowed to own land within the province’s borders or reside there permanently. The Kuna are famous for their Molas, multicoloured fabric intricately stitched by hand using the technique of reverse appliqué, made by the women. Arriving in San Blas, a truly enchanting place, is like going back in time 100 years. It is, without a doubt, a “primitive paradise”.


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